Logo Vector

Choosing a logo for your business and brand is really a tough job. Logo is something which is really important to grab the attention of the buyers and promote your business. Vector logo is something which can really turn your specified concept of logo into something extraordinary. There are numerous differences between a raster logo and a vector logo but the basic difference between them are as follows.

  • Vector is based on mathematical equations such as lines and shapes and arrays It can be resized without pixelating the image.
  • Raster image consists of a cluster of colored squares arranged in a limited grid scale.

Why to choose Vector logo

You see hundreds of vector graphics a day and probably don’t even realize it. Most logos are vector files. More specifically, a vector graphic is a computer-made image that is made up of points, lines, and curves that are based upon mathematical equations, rather than designated number of pixels.

his means that no matter how large or small or how close you zoom in on the image, the lines, curves, and points remain smooth. There will never be jagged lines or blurriness with this kind of image, no matter how much it is enlarged.