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As we are one of the leading company who provides the digitizing services around the world with the best infrastructure and highly professional digitizers. We have worked with many big, medium and small companies and have the high reputation for your high-quality services among the customers. We offer a wide range of services in the digitizing services such as the logo designing, Puff embroidery, vector art conversion, embroidery designs and much more. We are the one-stop solution for all the needs of the digitizers to the businesses.

Types of Content

We create the personal relationship with our valued customers. Our main aim is to provide the hassle free service and make the long relationship with our valued clients based on the advantage and hope. We provide first priority to the customers in the whole project. So the Tristaremb is the leading company who serve the digitizer embroidery worldwide. Our well-trained and experienced professionals are capable to present complete embroidery logo digitizing services packages to our valued clients at the reasonable price. We are your best and one stop for the embroidery digitizing and graphic design for the screen painting.

  • Paper documents
  • Books and magazines
  • Manuscripts and files
  • Photographs, films, negatives, and microfiche
  • X-rays
  • Blueprints and maps
  • Parchment
  • Document Cleaning and Disinfecting

Digitizing services

We are living in the modern era and in the modern age we are more concerned to convert our files, paper and photos in the digital format. Similarly, this thing goes with our latest decorating trends and clothes. Most of the orders digitalized from the scratch by a professional digitizer and normalizing the design. The quality of factors is checked for your files and work due to fabric and specific.

  • Monday-Friday working hours makes order delivery swift
  • Easy payment modes
  • No waiting for the files for after payments
  • Sale support for up to 30 days

In the modern ra people love to have the classic concepts of past centuries to decorate their home and clothes in the form of embroidery. Quick embroidery has a team of professionals and skilled craftsmen to turn your imaginations into reality in the form of embroidery. The concepts use for the wall digitizer to the interiors with the machine embroidery and custom embroidery will amuse the guests.

Normally, machine embroidery has a limited range of designs and color patterns. But we have a wide and large variety of patterns and designs and color schemes to blow up your mind. Beautiful and exclusive logo digitizer are available to decorate your house and give a classy and ethereal look to your house.

Vector artwork

To facilitate our customers at max level we have a large variety of embroidery designs. Our digital graphics are normally broken down based on the separate camps that include raster images or bitmaps and the vector artwork.Vectors are the best mathematical equations that act as the large option for designing. You could also easily browse through the online shop and you find also conveniently get the complete creation. Before choosing the embroidery, it is important to know about the dimensions of the designs.

Our team of professionals brings you the complete innovation filled aspects that could also give you more option for enriching the services.Complex data are based on the stored algorithmically and we would easily distinguish it based on zoom and file on line work. Vector file also remains as sharp and degrades pixilation based on the raster files.

It also mainly encompasses the 3D designs with same principles expanded with the z-axis. Most of the product is assembled to embroidery is unique and great in its particular manner.The example in vector seems for the most part as a shut piece with a broad fringe and a focal area in where there is possibly one vast illustration or a few little however symmetrically organized trimmings.